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This is an example sales letter I wrote for the book Shoulder Pain? The Solution & Prevention by John M. Kirsch M.D., which sells on Amazon. If you have pain in your shoulders, I totally recommend it. It has the solution. If you do buy it, I won’t make any money. With my address in Missouri, I’m not allowed to be an Amazon affiliate. But it’s a terrific book. It’s unusual in that the solution to the problem actually intensifies that pain, though under controlled conditions, and then it begins to subside. It works. My personal story in this letter is true.

shoulder pain

Simple “Monkey Bars” Method Eliminates All Your Shoulder Pain . . . Permanently

The first time I tried it, I screamed out loud.

I lasted maybe five seconds. It felt as though my shoulder was ripping apart. However, after a brief rest, I did it again.

And again.

And by the third or fourth repetition, the pain had gone down.

I did the “Monkey Bars” method nearly every day for several months. The more often I repeated the method, the less painful it felt.

Even better, the less I suffered during the rest of that day and night.

Even though, for months, I’d been putting up with a lot of chronic shoulder pain and restricted movement.

You’ll Scream too, but You’ll Love How You Feel After

You’re in control. Just do it for 5 to 30 seconds at a time, then rest for a minute or so. Just do it as often as you can off and on for 10 to 15 minutes.

How much you can do will vary with the strength of your grip, how much discomfort you feel and your weight.

After a few days, my shoulder pain stopped waking me up in the middle of the night. I could reach up and grab things. Within a few months, the discomfort was totally gone.

Dear Fellow Sufferer from Chronic Shoulder Pain,

A few years ago my right shoulder began hurting me and wouldn’t stop.

I’ve had various aches, muscle strains and pains before, and my usual method of dealing with them is just to ignore them. Sooner or later they always went away.

After a few months, I realized the pain in my right shoulder wasn’t going away. I couldn’t even remember when it started. I just knew I’d been suffering for at least a few months, and it was getting worse instead of better.

I believe sleeping on my side on a pull-out, love seat bed with an uneven surface was the culprit that caused it.

But the truth is, we’re all closer to it than we like to think just because of age, the cumulative effect of constant gravity pulling our shoulders down and because, in modern society, we don’t have the opportunity to use our shoulders as much and as freely as they were designed for.

Maybe You Got Shoulder Pain From Chronic Overuse or From Strain, and It’s Not Your Fault

Weightlifters are notorious for having to undergo shoulder surgeries. When they had it, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone shared a hospital room.

Bodybuilders call it “bone on bone.”

For many men, lifting a heavy bag into the overhead compartment of an airplane triggers the moment of truth.

I Finally Had to Admit I Needed Help

I could not raise my right hand over my head. I had limited range of motion. I couldn’t reach behind myself to scratch my back. Admittedly, the pain wasn’t constant — only when I moved my arm.

Pain woke me up in the middle of the night, so it was interfering with getting the rest I needed.

I thought I’d try swimming. I was a swimmer when I was a child, and still loved it.

So I went to the swimming pool and dove in just as I had a million times as a child. The impact immediately made my shoulder scream. I could go through the motions of freestyle, but lifting my right elbow and then pushing my hand through the water hurt.

A lot.

Finally, I had to fact up to the situation. I had discomfort that wasn’t going to go away by itself.

I’m Afraid of Medication Because It Just Covers Up the Problem

However, I have a deep aversion to antipain medication. I will take it for a short time, to deal with a short-term condition, but I’m afraid of taking even over-the-counter drugs on a permanent basis. I wanted to solve the problem, not bury it by scrambling my body’s biochemical signals.

I went online and found exercises. I checked out other books on Amazon, including one by somebody who I respected in this area.

I did those other exercises, and they relieved the discomfort, but only a little bit, and only temporarily. They were not the solution.

shoulder pain is very tough

So, I Understand Your Pain Because I Used to Feel It Too

* The twinges of discomfot whenever I got up out of my chair or moved around

* The stabs of agony whenever I reached for something with my right hand — and failed if it were above my head

* I can sleep only on my sides, not my back or stomach, but sleeping on my right side made my weight push against my shoulder, so I’d want to remain on my left side. However, I still had to hold my arm in position just so, or my right shoulder hurt. And when I slept, I moved around, so my shoulder still hurt, waking me several times a night. Oh, and I can’t lay a long time in one position. Sometimes I just had to move off my left side. I could lie on my back, but then I wouldn’t fall asleep.

* I’m not a tennis player or golfer. If you are, you must have cut back on your games.

* How many other fun activities have you given up because because of your chronic shoulder pain? Gardening?

* Maybe you’re now afraid of lifting up your grandchildren. Or you don’t hold the new baby for fear you might drop her.

I suffered just in my right shoulder, so I could lift and reach with my left hand. If both your shoulders hurt you, you have more than twice the trouble, and need this method twice as much.

Thank Goodness I Found Dr. Kirsch’s “Monkey Bars” Program

It’s simple. It takes about 10 to 20 minutes a day.

Most importantly, it works.

The first few seconds might well be the most intense agony you’ll ever experience in your life. And I say that as someone who recently had kidney stones.

Every time you do it, just rest for a minute, then do it again.

Keep Doing the “Monkey Bars” Program as Dr. Kirsch Says, and It Will Go Down

Within a few days, the discomfort during the rest of your day and night goes down too.

Within a week or so after starting, I could lift my hand above my shoulders. I could reach for things over my head. I slept through the night.

I settled on a routine of doing the method for ten to twenty seconds at a time, resting a minute, and then repeating, for about ten minutes or so.

Then I’d go run. Back home, I spent about five minutes doing the movements with dumbbells. He recommends 5 pounds to start. I used 2-pound dumbbells instead.

The chronic suffering shrank to an annoyance. Within a month or so, it went away almost entirely.

Sometimes I forgot about it and forgot to perform the program on a daily basis. Just because I didn’t suffer enough pain to remind me to keep going.

Now, I do it for just half a minute about three times a week. My shoulder hasn’t hurt for years, and I want to make sure it doesn’t start again.

I don’t do the weight exercises anymore. The kids played with the dumbbells, so they’re lost.

Just Imagine — in a Few Weeks or Months You’re Again Pain-Free. Would You:

* Go swimming?

* Play golf?

* Play tennis?

* Hold your children or grandchildren?

* Swing a stick at a pinata?

* Enjoy sleeping through the entire night?

* Play catch or Ultimate Frisbee?

* Go bowling?

* Tell that orthopedic surgeon to cancel your scheduled shoulder surgery?

* Lift weights?

* Play volleyball or badminton?

* Practice yoga or Pilates?

* Climb rock walls?

* Play softball?

the end of painful shoulders

Carry your grandson on your shoulders

What’s Your Alternative? All the Other Choices Cause You Even More Pain

  • Suffer chronic discomfort for the rest of your life?
    • Ugh!
  • Buy drugstore relievers by the wholesale lot?
    • Aside from the inconvenience and expense, taking even over-the-counter drugs over the long-term is dangerous to your health in many ways.
  • Pay a physical therapist for exercises that provide relief for only a short while?
  • Pay a chiropractor every week for therapy that provides relief for only a short while?
  • Hold an ice pack to your shoulder for the rest of your life?
  • Pay for cortisone shots for the rest of your life?
    • According to WebMD, you should not get cortisone shots more often than every six weeks, and not more than three or four per year.
    • Cortisone shots cause cartilage to deteriorate and bone to thin and die. They can cause infection of your joint and nerve damage. Although they’re given to lower pain and inflammation, they can cause both pain and inflammation to flare up.
  • Pay for accupuncture that at best lasts only a short while?
  • Undergo surgery?
    • That surgery is itself extremely painful and takes months to recover from.

Dr. John M. Kirsch Developed the Program Back in 1983 to Treat His Own Problem

He’s been researching the method and advising his own patients to use this method for over 30 years.

He’s a board-certified orthopedic surgeon. He founded The Kirsch Institute for Shoulder Research. It’s using CT scans to further document how his protocol helps return the bones to their original, healthy state, like you’re 25 years old again.

You’ll see many CT scans demonstrating the structure of the shoulder and how safe it is for your arm to be held in the upright position.

Most Shoulder Pain is Caused by the Coracoacromial Arch (CA) Bone Getting too Close to the Rotator Cuff Tendon, and Dr. Kirsch’s Method Moves the CA Away from the Rotator Cuff Tendon

That happens over time as we age, mainly because we don’t ever hold ourselves with our hands any more. And because we overuse the shoulder, or gravity scrunches the shoulder. In my case, I believe it came from sleeping on my side on an uncomfortable bed.

However, given sustained, gentle pressure, our bones do change shape and location. That’s called Wolff’s Law, and it’s how orthodontists use braces to straighten teeth.

In the same way, this method pulls the CA up and away from the rotator cuff. Safely. Gradually. And stretches the tendons involved, freeing up and loosening your entire shoulder.

That’s a simplification. The full anatomical details, along with CT scans and illustrations to show you, are in the program.

But the main idea is, through Dr. Kirsch’s “Monkey Bars” method, you gently expand the space between the CA and the rotator cuff by moving the CA back and up to where it should be — far away from the rotator cuff tendon, and then your shoulder is therefore again pain-free.

In the surgery, doctors create that extra space by removing 5-8mm of bone from the CA so it is not pressing down on the rotator cuff tendon.

Instead, the “Monkey Bars” program uses gentle pressure to naturally take pressure off the rotator cuff tendon. With surgery, a big part of the CA is removed.

Here are Your Choices:

* Suffer indefinitely. Remain unable to do what you want with your hands and arms.

* Suffer through surgery and months of recovery. The surgery is not always successful. Regain limited use of your arm because the surgery can weaken the CA or disrupt its normal functioning.

* Suffer a few minutes of the “Monkey Bars” program every day for a few months or so, until you don’t suffer at all. And you regain full use of your hands, arms and shoulders.

And the pain relief begins right away. Every time you do the method, the next time is easier.


The program consists of two parts:

Hanging motionless (palms facing outward in the pull-up position)

Lifting dumbbells (I used 2-pound weights.)

3 simple movements with dumbbells strengthen your muscles to keep them stable so they remain pain-free for the rest of your life.

You get about 80% of the benefit from the hanging.

It doesn’t have to be your full weight either. The swing set I use is not high enough to allow me to hang full-length. I have to put my feet forward, off the ground.

If your arms are not strong enough or you weigh too much, do the best you can. If your arms are straight up and gravity is pulling you straight down, you’re doing it right.

You don’t swing or sway. Just hang motionless.

Dr. Kirsch’s program is probably for you if you’ve been diagnosed with:

* Subacromial Impingement Disorder (SID)

* Rotator Cuff injury

* Frozen shoulder

* Osteoarthritis of the GH joint

Myself, I didn’t go to a doctor. I discovered the program on Amazon, and right away started hanging.

Discover the Many Ways to Set Up a Hanging Bar

Unfortunately, finding solid bars to hang from is not easy. Check around your local playgrounds, gyms and YMCA. Dr. Kirsch includes a chapter on all the possibilities, including bars you can install in your basement, garage or backyard. Horizontal tree branches also work well if you’ve got one in your yard.

That includes other practical information such as the types of weightlifting or golfing gloves you might want to wear. (I never wear any, but you might want to.)

The Results of the Academic Study on the Kirsch Method

The latest edition includes the academic study on the Kirsch method presented in 2012 to the 1st Combined American/Australian meeting of the hand and upper extremity sugergie societies.

Out of the 92 subjects who took part in that study, 90 of them returned to their daily living activities. (The other two out of 90 people dropped out for personal reasons.)

Two of those participants had had surgery scheduled, and were able to cancel it. One of those two, a 70 year old woman, had been scheduled to undergo total replacement surgery. A year later she resumed cross-country skiing.

Sleep Apnea Patients Sleep Better on Their Sides Without Suffering

This program is also beneficial for people with sleep apnea who use a CPAP device to keep them breathing at night. That device works better when you sleep on your side, but that is hard when you have shoulder pain.

Therefore, eliminating your discomfort will help reduce your sleep apnea problems.

Dr. Kirsch’s program is NOT for you if:

* You have unstable or dislocating shoulders

* You’re in precarious physical health

* You have significant osteoporosis (which means your bones are fragile)

One Additional Benefit from Dr. Kirsch’s Program

The motionless hanging with your palms facing forward not only relieves your shoulders, it helps decompress your spine. This can relieve back aches and pains.

hanging by our hands is natural

Just let your back muscles relax, and gravity stretches your spine naturally.

No yoga, no physical therapy, no frightening apparatus and no chiropractor required.

Don’t delay any longer. You’ve hurt for too long already.

Dr. Kirsch’s program is available through Amazon as either a paper or Kindle ebook. Therefore, it comes with Amazon’s standard guarantee. If you don’t like it, you can return it for your money back.

If you don’t have a Kindle, that’s all right. Amazon have a free Kindle program that enables you to read Kindle books on your personal computer or laptop. They also have free Kindle apps for smart phones and tablets, enabling you to read books on those devices. Lots of people read Kindle books without owning a Kindle.

If you’re in Amazon Prime, and you want the physical, paperbound book, you get it with free 2-day shipping.

The important thing is to get started as soon as possible, so you get rid of the shoulder pain that is making your life miserable.

It worked for me, and it’s worked for thousands of other people, so you need to get started right away.

Get Shoulder Pain? The Solution & Prevention by John M. Kirsch M.D. on Amazon now.

yours for pain-free shoulders now,

Rick Stooker

P.S. I don’t know the medical condition of your shoulders, but this program totally eliminated my shoulder pain. It also worked for Dr. Kirsch himself, who had chronic agony from the work he used to do as an orthopedic surgeon.

And it’s worked for many others.

“This treatment was life-changing because I feel young again. After one year of daily hanging, I have total flexibility with both shoulders, and I can do windmills, jumping jacks, yoga, archery, throw a football, swing a baseball bat, play tennis and golf, swim — you name it.”

— Rick Newcombe

(This testimonial quoted from the book.)

P.P.S. Judged as a book, Shoulder Pain? is not impressive. It’s short, full of anatomical details and CT scans and poorly organized.

But if you want to get rid of your suffering, his method is the solution.

I did it, and so you can too.

Get Shoulder Pain? The Solution & Prevention by John M. Kirsch M.D. on Amazon now.


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