Special Reports

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Special reports attract prospects to you like a magnet

Special Reports Sell With Facts — Delicious, Savory, Enticing Sweet Facts — to Convince Your Prospects and Web Visitors to Give Your Their Email Addresses Before You Lose Them Forever

Special reports are the short documents many online marketers give away as an enticement to join their email list.

50 Ordinary Foods that Fight Cancer

“To get your copy now, just enter your first name and email address.”

Many people have a very territorial feeling about their email inbox. Therefore, they’re very protective of their email address, and guard it zealously. You have to give them good value, something more than just a sales document, or one in disguise, before they’ll give it to you.

The Title Does the Real Selling

Therefore, the purpose of the special report is for the title and brief description to sell the prospect on wanting the information in the free report.

If your free report does not sound as though it meets their needs, they won’t join your email list.

You’ll probably never again have the opportunity to sell your products or services to them.

You Want to Get as Many People as Possible on Your List

If they do join your list, you can re-market to them over and over, continually striving to impress them with the benefits of working with you. You’ll be putting repetition to use in your favor. The more they know and like you, the more likely they’ll eventually buy.

The content of a free report must walk a fine line. You don’t want to give away everything you know. If you do that, they have no incentive to buy. Maybe some will, but you can’t depend on gratitude.

However, you must still impress them with how much you know by giving them information they can put to you.

Give Away Part of Your Knowledge

Let’s say you do know 10 ways to get fit fast. Put five of them in the special report, and let them know the other five are available in the book or recorded seminar, and send them to the sales page.

What but Not How

Maybe you teach a particular version of High Intensity Interval Training. Your special report could be about all the many benefits of HIIT, what scientific studies have proven, the Tabata method, and so on.

Just when you have them anxious to get started so they can lose lots of weight and strengthen their hearts and lungs, you tell them you have a proprietary method that’s proven highly effective. All they have to do is buy your book or webinar.

Let Me Help You

If you’re a personal trainer, at the end of the special report mention how difficult it is for someone to make progress on their own. How they need an objective observer to help them avoid injuries. So you mention you are available to personally help them implement HIIT to get the best results.

I’ll Do It All for You

A Pay Per Click expert might give away a report explaining how great Facebook ads are, and even explain “how” in such great detail that businesses could use it as a blueprint.

That’s because most businesspeople, overwhelmed by the complexity of advertising on Facebook and by how much time it takes to monitor ad campaigns, will still want to hire the expert to do it for them.

(If only we could hire personal trainers to work out for us!)

Use Information to Sell the Real Product

If you sell supplements or services, the special report’s job is to pile on the information to prove how healthy the supplement or service is.

Books and Magazines Work as Well

In the late 1990s Bill Phillips, publisher of Muscle Media 2000, used his magazine to promote his supplements for body builders from a company he bought, EAS. He even wrote a bestselling book, Body for Life. It’s a full-length book, a complete guide to losing weight and getting fit. It’s all you really need, but if you want to get serious and accelerate your results, EAS sells the best supplements . . .

He no longer owns EAS, but sells supplements under his own name as the brand. No doubt he makes a substantial income from the books as well.

Hook your prospects with delicious bait.

Hook your prospects with delicious bait.

Special Reports are Powerful Tools

They’re hooks — loaded with delicious bait — to catch the attention of your prospects and pull them into your sales process.

If you fail to capture their email address, they’re lost to you, probably forever.

Good special reports are NOT just “information.” They also do NOT solve your prospect’s problems. They inform the prospect about some business or problem solution that drives them to your product.

They do address your prospects’ greatest needs and fears.

It appeals to prospects still in the Awareness and Consideration stages of the buyer journey.

Sample Free Report

EatStopEatFreeReport – Download the PDF file.


* Knowledge of your buyer persona(s)

* How the topic fits into your overall strategy to turn visitors into leads and, eventually, into customers

* Indepth research into the specific topic


* A free report in PDF format, from 1,000 to 5,000 words

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