Landing Pages

lead generation landing pages

Give your leads a soft landing page to opt in to your mailing list.

Convert Random Visitors to Leads by Sending Them to Lead Generation Landing Pages Where They Exchange Their Email Address for a Special Report, and Then to a Thank You Page

Nearly every page on your website should have a small form inviting visitors to sign up for your free report. Sometimes people fill these out. Sometimes you send them to dedicated lead generation landing pages, especially if you’re using PPC ads.

This consists basically of:

* A striking image or video

* A strong headline

* Short description, usually in bullet format, of the benefits of the free report

* The email signup form

After they subscribe, you must send them to a Thank You page, where you explain how they get the free report, ask them to white list your email address and suggest they check out more on your site.


* Research into your product

* Indepth knowledge of your market and their buyer’s journey.

* Knowledge of your overall strategy


* Headline, copy and bullet points for the lead generation landing page

* Headline and body copy for the Thank You page.

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