Ghostwrite Books

The Best Way to Establish Your Authority Short of a Guest Appearance on The Oprah Show

I can’t get you on Oprah, but I can ghostwrite books for you.

Do you want to cement your status as an expert in your field, far more than you can with e-newsletters and blog posts?

Do you have a cause to fight for?

Do you wish to make some extra money?

Do you wish to impress your patients, clients, family and friends?

Just write a book.

I know, it’s easier to say than do.

Millions of people want to write books, but most never even get started on the first page.

However, there’s nothing better to make you stand out in a crowd of experts.

If you wanted to get rid of the old fillings in your teeth but you were afraid of releasing mercury into your blood, would you choose the natural dentist who wrote a book on the subject — or a natural dentist who didn’t?

I’ve written three books in the general health field.

Beat the Flu

Beat the Flu

Beat the Flu Sample (PDF)
Relax to Lose Weight

Relax to Lose Weight by “Melissa Martin”

Lose Weight Easy Sample (PDF)

immortality pillThe Immortality Pill

The Immortality Pill Sample (PDF)

I’ve also written other books. I don’t list them because they’re not related to health, fitness or anti-aging. However, they are books. Some of them have been translated into other languages and sell in various countries around the world. Some of them are available on iTunes and Amazon’s Audible bookstore as audiobooks people listen to with their iPods or in their cars.

They’re available in ebook form on Kindle, Barnes & Noble’s Nook, on Apple’s iBook and through Kobo.

Paper versions are available for sale through Amazon in the United States, the United Kingdom and in Europe.


* Indepth research into your topic


* A book, length to be determined but a minimum of 10,000 words, in plain text and Kindle format. If you wish to submit the book to traditional publishers, I can also send you a manuscript in traditional format.

If you wish to publish the book in paper using a Print On Demand service such as Amazon’s CreateSpace, you can find many people who can format the book interior using the plain text version I’ll send.

With the Kindle version, you can publish it right away if you also have a cover. I’ll include keywords and description ready to paste into the appropriate fields.

If you wish, I can arrange for Kindle and/or CreateSpace covers.

You give each retailer the information about your bank account.

You keep all royalties. (Obviously, I can’t guarantee you any sales.)

You can buy the paper version directly from CreateSpace at a wholesale price and re-sell it to your customers, friends or audiences at speaking events for whatever price you wish to set.

Obviously, I don’t have the time to write many books because they are a lot longer than blog posts and e-newsletters. Therefore, the sooner you have me write your book, the sooner it’ll be selling on Amazon.

Just call or email me:

(636) 383-1311

Skype: richardstooker

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