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On the verge of a boom in alternative/integrative/functional medical care as 11,000 baby boomers turn 65 every day . . .

Your Patients Demand Your Expertise and Compassion 1 to 4 Times a Month

And You Can Serve and Satisfy Them, Letting Your Front Desk Handle the Details While You Enjoy More Time With Your Family, on the Golf Course and Away on Vacation

Dear Doctor Who Offers Treatments Beyond Conventional Medicine,

Today’s medical system is heading for a major collapse.

And that presents a massive opportunity for doctors who heal the root causes of disease instead of just covering up symptoms.

For doctors who use the best medical knowledge and research without shilling for the Big Pharma companies.

The acrimonious debate over government’s role is just a symptom of the problem. Who pays what is important, but many people are questioning the value of what they’re paying for.

We’re paying more – insurance premiums and taxes – and in return we’re getting sicker.

That’s why collecting co-pays and deductibles is such a problem. People have taken too many prescription drugs that made them feel worse instead of better.

They’re ready for alternatives . . . but they don’t know who to trust.

For many, you’ll need to earn that trust before they even set their first appointment.

The high quality patients you wish to attract will shop around.

For value.

For healing excellence.

For warmth and compassion.

When you educate them before they even walk through your office door, you demonstrate you’re much more of a “real doctor” than pill pushers who talk to them for just 7.39 minutes, then write a prescription.

You make the patients part of their own healthcare. Therefore, you get better compliance.

Because they’re more compliant, they get better results – and love you for it.

Once you convince them, they’ll return often. They’ll gladly cover the co-pays and deductibles. They’ll cooperate with your diet and exercise suggestions. They’ll invest in the nutritional supplements you recommend.

Once they get results from you, they’ll become your biggest advocates. They’ll tell all their family and friends. They’ll spread the word on social media. They’ll band together and form a tribe with you as the chief medicine man.

Three major forces are creating massive opportunity for doctors who:

* Stay connected with patients – demonstrating expertise, trustworthiness and compassion

* Stay connected with prospective patients – demonstrating expertise, trustworthiness and compassion

And you can do this without the frustration of conventional marketing.

You can make the income you deserve while working fewer hours.

Major Force #1: Aging (and Rebellious) Baby Boomers

This is not new news, but it’s still a major shift in the economy that’s just begun.

11,000 baby boomers a day turn 65.

And that won’t stop until 2030.

79 million people who still – deep inside their hearts – think of themselves as the “Now Generation” – face old age.

Unlike our parents, we won’t gracefully accept the traditional limits on physical and mental activities.

My mother took every medicine her doctors prescribed. She refused to take supplements because her doctors didn’t tell her to.

Me, I’ll take supplements I’m convinced are of high quality. I hate taking prescription medications, and only do so when I’m sure it’s necessary.

Major Force #2: The Horrific Rise in Chronic Diseases, Including Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease, Back and Neck Pain, and Alzheimer’s

Sure, much of the volume of the new cases comes from the aging baby boomers – but FAR from all.

Modern young adults and even children have lots more asthma, allergies, obesity, cancer and Type 2 diabetes than any previous generation.

This is creating a rising awareness that we must not let an abundance of cheap low-quality food and technology continue to make us overweight and physically inactive.

Major Force #3: Rising Costs and Diminishing Returns

The United States spends far more on healthcare per capita ($10,345 projected for 2017) than any other country, way more than #2, Switzerland.

That’s no surprise. What’s amazing is the terrible results we’re getting in return for all that money.

The United States places only 31 in life expectancy. We’re just below Costa Rica and right above Cuba. (According to the United Nations World Health Organization)

For all the money Americans spend for medical insurance, Medicare, Medicaid and out-of-pocket, we live just two months longer than the residents of a small, undeveloped Communist country where people cannot even Google their symptoms.

And one of the major causes of death is taking pharmaceutical drugs as prescribed. That kills around 106,000 Americans per year.

While a federal agency, The Food and Drug Administration, that pre-dates the scientific discovery of vitamins, will not allow bottles of Vitamin C to say it cures scurvy.

America needs to redesign its medical system from the foundation up, but that would upset a lot of entrenched special interests.

Sick and senior Americans can’t wait.

That’s why the demand for integrative/functional/alternative doctors will keep rising.

Medical research has made many advances, and makes many more every year. Americans don’t want to throw out scientifically-based cures and treatments.

They just want what works.

Whether it’s a supplement that doesn’t come with a 5-page long list of adverse side effects (as its pharmaceutical equivalent does) or gene sequencing.

You give it to them.

You need to reach out to everybody who wants your expertise, your drive and your willingness to keep an open but practical mind and use any cure or therapy that helps the patient.

For the sake of your patients.

For the sake of you and your family.

As young adults and boomers alike keep getting sicker, they are learning to be suspicious of conventional doctors.

But many don’t know where to find an alternative.

Many need to know what integrative or functional doctors practice in their local areas.

So you need to get their attention before your competition.

I’m looking to fill up my schedule with a few great doctors like I wish my mother had when she was diagnosed with cancer.

Doctors who want to help as many people (both patients and prospective patients) as possible with their knowledge . . .

Doctors who like their patients and want their patients to like them . . .

Doctors who want to convert website visitors into patients . . .

Doctors who want to increase patient loyalty . . .

Doctors who have a lot of helpful things to say, but no time to write them up . . .

How Kidney Stones Might Save Me From a Heart Attack

Several years ago, I experienced pain in my lower right back. I’d walked a long way in the afternoon heat, so at first I thought I’d strained a muscle.

The pain just kept growing, however. Soon I couldn’t sit or stand. Even lying down was agony. Before long, my lunch launched itself up from my stomach and out of my mouth even though I felt no nausea – just incredibly intense pain low on the right side of my back.

Thankfully, one of my nieces came by, and got me to the Emergency Room.

I’d heard kidney stones were one of the most painful experiences ever. I found out the hard way that’s true.

But why did I have them? The doctor suggested I may have been dehydrated. But I drink plenty of fluids.

When I read the results of my CT scan, I saw a delicate part of my body in the groin was “calcified.”

That disturbed me. Why was I turning into a statue?

I did a lot of research about kidney stones online, but it took a long time to piece together the mystery.

Prior to that episode, I learned about the importance of Vitamin D, so I regularly took supplements of it.

I used to eat half an avocado per day in a smoothie, but stopped several months before that episode because they weren’t in season.

Why didn’t any health experts warn me of the danger?

I Spent Over 30 Years Talking to Your Patients

I have a passion for advancing the use of science-based integrative/functional/alternative medicine because I’m one of those baby boomers turning 65 before I’m emotionally ready.

Also, I can’t forget watching my mother die of cancer. Nobody suggested she try taking Essiac tea, ellagic acid or even something simple such as selenium.

It might not have saved her life, but it wouldn’t have hurt her either. Would it have hurt her doctors to mention it? She wouldn’t take anything they didn’t tell her to.

I spent over 30 years working as a claims representative for the Social Security Administration.

Roughly 80% of that time I took disability claims or conducted continuing disability reviews.

I spoke with over 10,000 people with cancer, asthma, AIDS, heart disease, arthritis, back pain . . . everything you can imagine.

Including illnesses you’ve probably never heard of:

* A man falling apart internally after a bug bite in Venezuela, and not even tropical disease experts could diagnose the problem.

* A baby born without the gene to make the protein to enable him to breathe.

I had to ask everybody what was wrong with them, how it affected them, what medicines they were taking, what doctors they saw, where they were hospitalized . . .

And I had to ask them many things doctors don’t.

Their work history for the past 15 years. That went into great depth on their jobs and the physical demands of those jobs.

The highest grade of school they finished.

How their problems affected their daily activities, how they got along with other people, how their disability changed their lives . . .

I can’t read an x-ray or an EKG, but I know a lot about how illness affects your patients.

Staying in Touch With His Customers Put Joe Girard in the Guinness Book of World Records for Selling Cars

From 1963 through 1977 when he left his position at a dealership, he sold 13,001 cars, a record that still stands.

What was his secret? I’ve read his books. I’m sure he was great at talking to prospects, but that’s not what put him into the world record books. Many other car salespeople are good at selling anybody who comes through the door.

Although He was Just One Car Salesman, Joe Girard Kept a List and Contacted Everybody on It Monthly

Decades before the Internet and even keeping databases on personal computers, Girard maintained a card file of customer names and addresses.

Decades before email, when he had to buy the materials, commission an artist and pay postage, Girard sent a greeting card to his list every month.

Many times, it said just one thing:

“I like you.”

In holiday months he’d add holiday greetings.

Therefore, the next time they needed to buy a car, maybe years later, they returned to Joe and bought it from him. What car salesperson do you think they referred their family, friends and coworkers to?

How many cards have you ever received from a car salesperson? I wouldn’t know the last person who sold me a car if my life depended on it.

Eventually, as both the list of customers and his income grew, he hired clerical workers to help him.

Yet you can start your own email list of patients and prospective patients by paying aWeber just $19 a month.

What I’ll Do for You

1. Learn about your practice from you.

2. Write a special report to give people who subscribe to your newsletter.

3. Name, design and format the newsletter so it will show up well in standard email viewers, including mobile phones and tablets.

4. Set it all up for you with one of the main email providers, aWeber.

5. Write and mail an issue every month, twice a month or every week depending on your preference.

Sample Newsletter for a Health Service Provider

SamplesNewsletter – download the PDF file

How Much Money are You Wasting on Ineffective Advertising?

How much do you pay to host your website, but it’s not generating any new patients or prospective patients?

How much do you pay Yellow Pages?

How much do you pay for radio, TV or newspaper ads?

Chances are you attract some prospects from those sources. But if they don’t make an appointment right away, they never will.

You’re paying for prospects who lurk and leave, never to return.

With an e-newsletter, you capture the email addresses of the most serious ones, and contact them over and over again, until you are at the top of their minds for your services.

When they finally decide to seek treatment, they go to you.

You Have a Lot of Valuable Skills and Knowledge to Share

* To improve the lives of your patients, making them want to see you more often so they get or remain healthy

* To improve the lives of people who visit your website so they become your patients

Just call or email me:

(636) 383-1311

richardstooker – Skype


To your good physical and career health,

Rick Stooker

P.S. Why do I believe I got kidney stones? And how could it prevent a heart attack?

Vitamin D helps you absorb more calcium from your food. But if you take too much Vitamin D, your blood levels of calcium can go too high.

You need magnesium as well as Vitamin D to put calcium to good use in your bones and teeth. When I stopped eating avocados, I stopped getting lots of daily magnesium.

And you need Vitamin K, which I didn’t know about at all.

When you eat more calcium than you absorb into your bones and teeth, it goes into other parts of your body. That includes soft, intimate parts of your groin, calcifying them. It includes your kidneys to form kidney stones. And into your arteries to form plaque on your cell walls. That’s artherosclerosis, and it sets you up for a heart attack.

Now I take magnesium and Vitamin K supplements, so hopefully I’m removing accumulated calcium from my kidneys, my groin and the endothelial lining of my arteries.

Your patients need to know such things, but you don’t have time to give every one of them a comprehensive class on nutrition when they are in your office.

P.P.S. Therefore, call or email me to get your e-newsletter started right away.

I can write only so many e-newsletters in a month. Once my schedule is full, I will have to turn away everybody else until there’s an opening.

(636) 383-1311

richardstooker – Skype

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