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Meet One-on-One With Your Best Prospects and Customers in the Private Intimacy of Their Homes

That’s what sending email is like.

It’s why people are so sensitive about spam even though every website is thick with ads 98% of us just ignore.

In real life we put up with billboards and signs when we’re in public spaces.

When we go to websites, we’re in “their” territory. We love social media, but we share it with other people.

Our inboxes are ours and ours alone, our private little mental zone where we wish to feel comfortable without intrusive marketing violating our space.

That’s why email is the perfect vehicle for content marketing.

You just have to be careful to give good content first. You can sell, too, but you have to lead up to it. If you just scream buy buy buy, you’ll soon wear out your welcome with your list. Once in a while, they’ll tolerate. Do it constantly, and you’ll burn up your list faster than a fire burns up old window curtains.

You have to focus on building the relationship.

This is especially true of sending one-time emails.

Autoresponder Emails are a Sequence that Lead Prospects Back to the Sales Piece

Autoresponders work well when your goal is to convert prospects into buyers of a product.

Say you sell a book on how to lose weight through encouraging the growth of good bacteria in your intestines, a popular topic these days.

Someone finds your site through a search engine, an affiliate referral, or a pay per click or banner ad.

They don’t buy the book, but they are intrigued enough to sign up for your list to get a free report.

Left alone, they would never return.

However, the autoresponder software sends them a series of separate emails. From five to ten is a common number, but there are no rules.

Each separate email in the autoresponder series highlights a different benefit of the book, and works to send the prospect back to the main sales piece or letter to complete the sale.

Each one reminds them of your main book. Maybe last week they didn’t have enough money, but this week they do.

Or maybe the one of the benefits highlighted in one of the autoresponder emails hits the prospect in their gut, arousing an overwhelming need to buy. Maybe the same point is in the sales piece, but they skimmed over it, and missed it the first time.

However, once the last one in the autoresponder series has been sent, the prospect receives no further emails from you.

That’s why simple emails you send out when you wish are more effective for on-going contact with your list and the long-term relationship building.

E-newsletters are good for this. They are a shade less intimate than unformated emails, so you are more like a professional there to help them than a close friend, but that’s valuable too.

And you can do both, or all three.

The one thing you don’t wish to do is destroy your relationship with your list by trying to sell without also offering content.

When they sense you are just trying to squeeze them, they’ll unsubscribe.

The most common advice Internet marketers give is to “build a list,” but that doesn’t do you much good unless you send them emails that deepen your relationship with the list members.

And sell them without seeming to push them.

Sample Sequence of 7 Email Autoresponders

EatStopEatEmails – Download the text file here.


* Research into your product

* Indepth knowledge of your market and their buyer’s journey

* Knowledge of your overall content strategy


* 7 to 10 emails ready to load into your autoresponder provider, plus a “thank you for subscribing email.”

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