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Use content market strategizing to attract more qualified traffic.

Content Marketing is the Big Trend for Online Selling, and It’s Going to Keep Growing in Importance Because It Adapts to How Consumers Now Want to Do Business

But Too Many Businesses Just Throw Up Content Willy-Nilly Without an Effective Strategy

According to Altimeter, 70% of online businesses lack an effective content marketing strategy.

I bet the true number is higher than that, especially in the B2C health, fitness and nutrition industries.

Freelance writing Carol Tice tells a story of how she worked for an insurance company client that paid out $1 million for articles, but without a strategy, then had to shut down the whole project. She wrote a lot of posts for them, but they couldn’t even tell her whether the posts were for customers or brokers. Only large businesses can afford such disorganization.

Most businesses write an occasional blog post, if that.

Yet, health and fitness prospects and customers are hungry for information.

Aren’t Your Prospects in More Pain Than Backyard Swimming Pool Prospects?

In early 2009, Marcus Sheridan’s swimming pool construction company nearly went out of business. The year before, he made several million dollars by spending $250,000 on Google AdWords to drive customers to his websites.

However, because of the financial crisis, most homeowners could no longer obtain loans to finance swimming pools.

Sheriday went weeks with his business’s bank account overdrawn. Every consultant he spoke with told him to just quit.

But he refused. He ran across Hubspot and the concept of inbound content marketing.

He adopted the slogan, “They ask, you answer.”

He wrote blog posts about everything swimming pool customers wanted to know. The last I heard, his site went from having about 30 pages to over 900.

His company now makes more money than before the crisis, but now spends only $25,000 annually on PPC ads.

If people wanting swimming pools in their yards are so avid about seeking out information, what about:

* The adult daughter whose mother was just diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer?

* The 44-year-old, overweight man who is afraid of dying of a heart attack before he turns 50 like his father did?

* The men and women suffering from arthritis?

* The 70-year-old diabetic?

* Everybody who is sick and miserable or is worried about loved ones or who just wants to remain healthy for many years to come?

I don’t know much about backyard swimming pools (I grew up spending my summers at a private swim club), but I know enough of health, fitness, nutrition and anti-aging to realize these are endless subjects.

With new medical findings coming out all the time.

If a backyard swimming pool company can find over 900 subjects to write blog posts about, I guarantee you can find more. You could find 9,000 subjects to write about, and still not catch up.

And somebody is looking for that information. Somebody in pain or afraid of old age.

Somebody you can help.

The Top Alternative Health Site Puts Out Lots of New Information Daily

One of the major alternative health websites is Dr. Mercola sends out an email every day linking to from 2 to 4 new articles on his site. They often include videos, but I haven’t kept track of how often he brings out another one. I don’t know his complete marketing strategy, but he’s certainly winning a lot of traffic, subscribers and customers from giving so much useful and interesting information.

I’m Not the Expert Marcus Sheridan is, but I am Certified by Hubspot

If you’d rather pay him, you can find him at .


* Research into your product and market

* Indepth knowledge of your market and their buyer’s journey.


* Your buyer persona(s)

* A map of how to use information to take them from visitor to customer to promoter, including keywords and subject suggestions to create blog posts to serve as permanent visitor attractors to your site

* 4 blog posts to get your inbound marketing started

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Richard Stooker is an author and copywriter specialising in alternative health, nutrition, fitness, supplements, meditation and longevity. To him they're all aspects of the same thing - staying healthy and alive.