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However, everybody’s metabolism is different. Therefore, you should always use caution in taking any powerful substance, whether it’s a medicine, herb, vitamin or food which, as Dr. Barry Sears continues to preach, is the most powerful form of hormonal control we have. This is especially true if you are currently taking any prescription medicine.

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Notes and Biases

The purpose of this site is to educate you on how to best protect yourself and your loved ones. You must decide for yourself what measures are best to take for yourself and your family.

I did not write this book to convince you that the modern medical establishment knows everything — it doesn’t, or all medical researchers would be looking for new jobs. I did not write this book to convince you that you should abandon the good things the modern medical establishment has done and use only “natural” or “alternative” methods. Some of those range from dubious to harmful.

My criteria is simple — what works?

Unlike other journalists who pretend that as long as they quote people with official credentials, they can claim to be “objective” — even though they pick and choose which “experts” to quote — I will announce my biases up front:

1. When it comes to injury and acute care, the modern medical establishment has worked miracles and should be applauded.

2. When it comes to preventing the spread of infectious diseases, I am highly in favor of following the rules of hygiene and public health that the medical establishment has learned are necessary.

3. When it comes to dealing with the chronic diseases of the modern, affluent lifestyle — the alternative health field is far ahead of the mainstream medical establishment.

(However, the alternative medicine field certainly needs more scientific study and self-policing from hucksters.)

4. I believe that some of the limitations in both fields are due to the failure of patients to take responsibility for their own health.

Heart transplants are a technological marvel — but would be largely unnecessary if people ate and exercised responsibly throughout their lives.

Too many sick people just want to take a pill and then go back to their unhealthy lifestyles. This is true whether they go to an M.D. for a prescription drug or to GNC for a bottle of vitamins.

5. I believe that in the future, medical professionals will put aside their prejudices and take the best of both worlds — and we’ll all be healthier for that.

Please keep in mind while you read this site that ALL medical actions — even doing nothing — comes with risk.

That goes against our perception that medical treatment is “what’s good for us,” but that’s a fantasy. In the real world, the medical experts balance one risk against another.

Doctors and the medical authorities understand this quite well. They keep extensive figures on prescription drug side effects, surgical fatalities and so on.

When your doctor prescribes medication for you, he or she is quite aware that it comes with a long list of possible side effects. However, they’ve decided that the risk of those side effects is worth it, because the risk of your disease is higher than the risk of the side effects.

If you fall down and scrape your knee, you probably wash it with soap and water and put on a disinfectant. Well, there’s a slight risk your body will react badly to the soap, chemicals in the water or the disinfectant. However, the risk of getting an infection such as gangrene through the open wound is far higher.

If you were lost in a desert and almost dead of starvation, would you turn down a hamburger because the saturated fat is bad for your heart? No, because that’s less risky than the risk of dying of starvation.

Many times you must play a game of Russian Roulette. But you can choose to play with five bullets in a six-shooter or a revolver with only one bullet in a million chambers.

Life is full of these kinds of choices. If you choose to do nothing to protect your health, that too is a choice full of risk.

Richard Stooker is an author and copywriter specialising in alternative health, nutrition, fitness, supplements, meditation and longevity. To him they're all aspects of the same thing - staying healthy and alive.