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Schwinn 230 recumbent bikeIndoors, the Schwinn 230 recumbent bike is one of the best ways for people to get more of the exercise they need for great health.

That’s because they are there for you at any time of the day or night when you’re at home. No matter what the weather is outside. You may need to wait for a family member to finish, but you won’t wait behind a long line of strangers at the gym.

Plus, there is only one upfront price, no monthly recurring fees to pay.

You can work out the way you want to, whether that’s High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) or long, slow distances.

Unless you’re sprinting, you can read, watch TV, play video games, talk on the phone or text.

This review is for the 2013 version of the Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike. They came out with a variation in 2016.

Who is This Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike for

According to the manufacturer, 300 pounds is the heaviest a user should weigh. That’s 136 kilograms.

The manufacturer doesn’t give height specifications. One 6′ 4″ user says the seat doesn’t go back far enough to suit him.

There are no indications of a minimum height qualification. If you’re below five feet tall, you may want to check sit in one before buying.

In general, recumbent exercise bikes are great for people who need to get more exercise but who are not serious athletes.

If you’re s hardcore bicyclist, you probably need an indoor stationary model only to work out after dark or in bad weather.

And your indoor exercise bike is probably an upright, to mimic your position on a regular bicycle as closely as possible.

People are are disabled, have back problems, had have hip or knee replacement surgery, the elderly and the overweight who need to incorporate more exercise into their lifestyles in a safe and back and joint-friendly way are more likely to prefer recumbent bikes.

They often like to combine exercise with their usual daily activities. This allows them to get the benefits of greater physical activity and fitness with a minimum of inconvenience.

That said, there’s no reason someone cannot use this bicycle for a more intense workout.

20 Levels of Eddy Current Resistance

The flywheel goes through a magnetic field as it spins. The stronger the resistance level you choose, the greater the magnetic force slowing down the flywheel.

The harder your legs have to pedal to keep the wheel going.

The magnetic field does the hard work of dragging at the flywheel.

The same principles are now used for high speed trains, power tools and roller coasters.

With a magnetic field slowing down the flywheel, there’s no friction. This extends the useful life of the flywheel indefinitely.

And there’s no noise except from the pedals and the hub of the wheel going around.

Therefore, this is a neighbor-friendly model of exercise bike.

And it allows you and anybody else in the same room with you to watch TV, listen to music, talk or the phone or read while you continue to pedal.

Placement of This Bike

It is built with a sturdy frame. And it comes with front and rear stabilizers. There are levelers on each side of the rear stabilizer and in the middle of the Frame Rail. Adjust these as necessary so it’s secure and flat when you place it on the floor.

You probably want to put it on a plastic or carpet mat to protect the floor or carpeting underneath.

Allow plenty of room on all sides.

It plugs into a standard 110V-120V circuit socket. The power cord connects to the console in the front section.

It has rollers under the front section, and a handlebar in the rear, so it’s easy to roll into new positions.

The Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike Seat

It is smaller and harder than models. It’s not heavily cushioned with foam rubber, so you may find it uncomfortable. Most users say it’s all right for the amount of time they sit on it.

Also, it’s vented to keep you cooler. Heat does not build up.

The back is large to provide good support to your back. And it too is vented to avoid heat build-up.

The seat slides along an aluminum slider so you can adjust how far away you need to be from the pedals. You move closer or farther away with a simple lever.

On the left side of the seat is a large cup to hold a water bottle or other sports drink.

The Dual Console Screen Display

The bike’s console displays two separate windows in the console. They allow you to track a total of 13 variables.

It uses the SchwinnConnect program to track all your workouts. Or you can send your data to the mobile app MyFitnessPal. This also records your progress toward your fitness goals.

This console includes a USB charging port, a rack for holding a Kindle or tablet so you can watch a movie or read a book and in-console speakers.

The 3-speed fan keeps you cool while you’re hard at work.

The upper LCD screen displays:

* The intensity you’re currently at.

* The program you’re on and your current progress through it.

* The User (it tracks and maintains data on one or two separate users).

* Your current Goal – whether it’s time, distance or calories burned. And what you still need to do to accomplish that goal. And the percentage you have already attained.

* Achievement Display. This makes a sound when you surpass a goal from prior workout. It makes a celebratory noise to alert you.

* Heart Rate Zone you’re in. This can be anaerobic, aerobic or fat burn.

Lower Display Screen

This shows you:

* Your current speed in either miles per hour (mph) or kilometers per hour (kph)

* Time. This can be total time for this particular workout, your average time per workout or the total time for the machine.

* Distance for your current workout. In either miles or kilometers.

* Your current resistance level.

* RPM – the pedals’ revolutions per minute.

* Your heart rate as beats per minute.

* Calories – how many calories you’ve burned in this one workout.

You can not only export your workout results to the Schwinn Connect website and the My Fitness Pal mobile, you can save them to a USB flash drive.

The Heart Rate Sensors

The stainless steel parts of the handlebars contain Contact Heart Rate (CHR) sensors. If you hold on to them firmly (but not too tightly) with both hands, they’ll sense your heart beat after four beats. They’ll send that information to the console, which will display on the lower screen.

You need to continue to hold your hands in the same position for another ten to fifteen seconds to validate the heart beat.

Don’t take the results as gospel. They’re affected by whether or not you move your upper body or your hand positions. Also by calluses or cream on your hands. And by electrical pulses from nearby equipment.

The manufacturer’s manual makes no reference to the console accepting information from separate chest heart beat sensors. And my customer research doesn’t find any mention of that.

Therefore, although it’s available for the more expensive 270 model, I must conclude that it’s not possible with this Schwinn recumbent bike.

Therefore, if reading and tracking your heartbeat accurately is important to you, this model isn’t your best choice.

Profile Programs

This bike comes with 22 programs. The 9 profile programs are:


* Rolling Hills

* Ride in the Park

* Easy Tour


* Pike’s Peak

* Mount Hood

* Pyramids


* Uphill Finish

* Cross-Training

* Interval

You can also set up programs based on:


* Distance

* Time

* Calories Burned

Fitness Tests:

These use either Beginner or Advanced settings. So that counts as two separate predefined programs. The programs look at your age and weight (you set that in the user settings) along with the intensity (measured by the power output in watts) with your heart rate.

Therefore, these programs require that you keep your hands on the heart rate sensors.

Heart Rate Control Workout Programs

With these, you set a target heart rate goal. The bike uses your heart rate as detected by the sensors and adjusts the intensity of the resistance to keep you within the set range of heart beat.

The Fitness and Heart Rate Control workout programs use a set percentage of your maximum possible heart rate. This is determined by your age.

You have four Beginner and four Advanced.

You can set two workouts you define customized by and for you.

There’s one quick start workout.

This Flywheel is Perimeter-Weighted

This means that the main weight of the flywheel runs along the outside, near the edge.

Because of that positioning of the weight, there is more inertia (the tendency of an object in motion to remain in motion) as the flywheel spins. That helps keep the flywheel going around.

And that reduces any up-down motion in the bike. Therefore, the bike is more stable. The spinning wheel pushes the bicycle forward.

Of course, since it has no wheels, it doesn’t move. However, by keeping the inertia straining forward, it’s not going up and down.

This encourages you to pedal with a circular motion.

That gives you a ride that’s smoother.

And it’s easier on your joints. This makes bikes with perimeter-weighted flywheels beetter for older adults. Pedaling up/down, up/down and up/down is harder on your knees, hips and ankles.

This is most important if you have ligament, joint and tendon problems or you’re just getting older.

Yes, in general recumbent exercise bikes are easier on your joints than riding a regular bicycle, running or walking.

But the jerky up and down motion of pedaling flywheels that are not weighted around the perimeter is still stress on your joints you can avoid.

So, although it’s not an obvious benefit, a perimeter-weighted flywheel is easier on your body than other kinds.

It’s also easier on the frame of the bike itself. And it helps keep the operation quiet.

The pedals have straps. This also gives you more stability as well as safety because your feet will not slip off.


When assembled, it’s 64″ X 27.7″ X 49.9″.

That’s 64 inches long, 27.7 inches wide and 49.9 inches high.


It weighs 81.57 pounds.


Distinctive black

The frame has a “step through” design. This means the front part with the console is totally separate from the seat in the rear except for the stainless steel tube of the frame between them, which rests on the floor.

Therefore, it’s easy to go through the bike between the front and the back sections as long as you watch out for the frame on the floor. You could still stumble on that if you don’t watch out.


* 20 resistance levels – ranging from child-easy to extremely difficult

* Perimeter-weighted flywheel is easier on your joints

* Quiet operation

* 22 programs

* Suitable for all fitness levels and fitness goals

* Sturdy and solid

* Detects and displays your heartbeat

* Connects to programs to store your workouts so you can track your progress


* Only 2 defined users

* May be uncomfortable for anybody much taller than six feet

* Some users say the seat is too hard for comfort. This is a matter of individual taste, though. Some users like the seat. If you really want a padded seat, this model isn’t for you.

* You need to keep your hands on the handle bars if you wish it to monitor your heart beat.

* Related to that, it doesn’t accept signals from separate chest bands.

Review your needs and expectations for an indoor stationary exercise bike.

Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike Pricing

Under $400. This bike is similar to the more expensive Schwinn 270. However, that model comes with more resistance levels, more preset programs and the ability to put in 4 users instead of 2.

Consumer Ratings

Generally positive. Most people in reviews agree it’s a good value for the money.

Some people complain about the limit of two users. Some about the hardness of the seat. Others complain about items not included in shipping or parts that don’t work for long. Unfortunately, everything you might buy sometimes has quality control issues.


10 years for the frame.

1 year for the electrical parts.

90 days for labor.

2 years for mechanical parts.


If you simply want to set and pedal while engaging in your normal afternoon or evening activities, this is a good, cost-effective choice.

It’s also better for one or two-member households. That’s because it has the capacity for only two defined users.

If you expect three or more people to use it, and they all wish to track and store their workouts, this model won’t work for you. And that’s especially true if you’re all of different heights. You’ll need to keep adjusting the seat position.

It doesn’t have as much fancy functionality. However, 20 resistance levels should be enough for almost everybody. And it comes with a variety of preset workouts. This is a solid, quiet functional recumbent exercise bike for the money.

Check out the Schwinn 230 recumbent bike on Amazon right now.

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