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 This is a sample sales page I wrote for a Clickbank product, Eat Stop Eat by Brad Pilon. The link is an affiliate link if you wish to lose weight in an extremely healthy way.  My testimonial is authentic. I know from my experience,  this method works.

It is aimed at the weight loss market. I wrote a separate sales page for the same book for the health or anti-aging market. Click here to visit that sample sales page.

eat stop eat

Intermittent fasting is the easiest way to permanent, healthy weight loss.

Attention, everybody tired of wasting time on useless weight loss fads, gimmicks and scams!

The “Ultimate Weight Loss Program” Takes Off Pounds — Guaranteed

As proven by 2 million years of history!

Start today! You can shed fat and regain health all day and all night just by . . .

. . . doing NOTHING!

Yes — nothing. The Ultimate Weight Loss Program is just that simple.

Do nothing for 24 hours at a time, twice a week.

In a moment I’ll explain why this program is backed by two million years of history, and you’ll understand this is no “Big Lie,” but simple common sense.

Are you still startled to see an overweight person look back at you from the mirror?

Are you tired of complicated diet programs, gimmicks, pills, tasteless foods and expensive supplements?

Most of all, have you had it up to HERE with “finishing” meals while your stomach is still almost empty? Then feeling miserably guilt-racked after you lose control and spend an orgiastic evening devouring ice cream, cake and cookies?

When you finally quit the latest diet, disgusted with yourself, you’re heavier than when you started.

The Ultimate Weight Loss Program . . .

* NO special foods

* NO confusing percentages of fat, carbohydrates and protein to measure and track

* NO counting calories

* NO exercise (though — just keeping it real — exercise does speed up the program)

* NO pills

* NO powders

* NO supplements

* NO phases

* NO points

* NO shakes

* NO bars

* NO menu planning

* NO meetings

* NO logs or diaries

* NO portion control

* NO vitamins

* NO exotic rainforest herbs

* NO tricks or “hacks”

* NO special recipes to follow

* NO charts of foods to eat

* NO forbidden foods

* NO packs or wraps

* NO special equipment

* NO nutrient “cycling”

* NO special shopping trips

* NO surgery

* NO mobile apps

* NO over-the-counter drugs

* NO detoxes or “cleanses”

* NO prescription drugs

There’s nothing more to buy, except smaller clothes.

Consume what you like. You don’t deny yourself ANYTHING.

However, when it comes to weight loss itself, the Ultimate Weight Loss Program works with all the others. You could lose weight eating only chocolate cake and candy bars, though obviously those are not your most nutritious choices.

The Ultimate Weight Loss Program Works With:

* Paleo

* Raw food

* Vegetarian

* Vegan

* Atkins

* The Zone

* South Beach

* Plant-based

* Jenny Craig

* Primarian

* Ketogenic

* Dean Ornish

* Even SAD (Standard American Diet)

Just How Many Variations on the Three Macronutrients (Fat, Protein and Carbs) Can You Write Books About?

For over 40 years, nutritionists have been waging war with each other over how much fat, protein and carbohydrates people should eat.

What is the ideal ratio?

Low Carbs, High Carbs

Low Protein, High Protein

Low Fat, High Fat

It’s confusing, isn’t it? Yet, new diet books keep coming out with new variations. And they’re all written by doctors and people who claim to be experts who have uncovered the key to losing weight and keeping it off.

All of them claim the latest scientific research backs them up.

And they all contradict each other.

How many ways can you mix and match carbohydrates, fats and proteins?

And behind the creators of all these diets stands a large choir, including the world’s governments, mainstream professional medical associations and large disease-related organizations such as the American Heart Association all singing the background chorus:

“Calories In, Calories Out”

If you want to lose weight, they maintain, you must eat fewer calories and/or burn more calories.

It’s simple physics.

Our Bodies Don’t Operate on “Simple” Physics, but on Highly Complicated Biology

A million or two years of evolution under often difficult circumstances have given your body ways to play tricky hormonal games with your weight even while obeying the laws of physics.

“Grazing” and “Portion Control”

For decades mainstream experts have been advocating people eat less by eating more often. That’s 3 meals and 2 snacks a day. The theory goes, primitive people ate like that, “grazing” throughout their days.

Yet, when you spread a low calorie diet out over 3 daily meals and 2 snacks what you get are small meals and tiny snacks.

You’re hungry ALL THE TIME!

It’s small wonder people who lose weight on such diets can’t keep it off.

“NBC never does a reunion,” said Suzanne Mendonca of Season 2 of The Biggest Loser. “Why? Because we’re all fat again!”

You can go hungry for a time, but not forever.

It’s a lot easier to deny yourself the pleasures of life if it’s for a good cause and IF you know the deprivation is temporary.

Few people have the iron willpower required to withhold from themselves solid, satisfying meals TO DEATH.

So, What Can You Do?

You’re overweight.

You want to take off the extra pounds, and keep them off. Not just for a few weeks or months, but for years and decades.

You want to look better and feel fantastic.

You want more energy, better health and a longer life.

You want to fit into normal-sized clothes. You want to wear your “thin” clothes even if by now they’re out-of-fashion.

You want people to look at you with appreciation for your figure, not disgust.

You’d like to walk without your inner thighs rubbing together.

You’d like to enjoy a good meal in public without worrying how much you’re eating — and what other people think.

You want to stand up from an easy chair without effort.

That’s the beauty of the Ultimate Weight Loss Program.

It Works, Guaranteed

It has to.

It doesn’t make any ridiculous promises about losing 30 pounds in 30 days. If you believe that’s possible, stop reading now and go buy another bottle of legal speed disguised as a “weight loss” supplement.

You can follow the Ultimate Weight Loss Program for the rest of your life because you won’t suffer constant deprivation.

You’ll often feel the satisfaction of filling your stomach with delicious food.

Once you reach your ideal weight, just scale back so you stay there.

If you do put on a few extra pounds? Ramp it up again until they’re gone.

It’s flexible. Do it around your job or business, holidays, family parties, travel and social life.

Think Back to How Our Paleolithic Ancestors Lived

No refrigerators. No aluminum foil. No microwave ovens. No restaurants. No supermarkets.

They hunted. They gathered.

Sometimes deer, wooly mammoths and buffalo roamed all around them, easy pickings.

Sometimes fresh, green leaves grew throughout the forest and more fruit ripened than they could ever gorge themselves on.

But sometimes snow covered the ground for months and people went hungry.

Undoubtedly, even during the good seasons, people ate at irregular intervals. The sun was their only clock. They didn’t plan out 3 meals and 2-3 snacks.

Hunters probably set out early every morning without a hot meal in their bellies. Especially if they killed little or nothing the day before. They probably didn’t eat while tracking, trailing and stalking game.

During the long winters of the ice ages, Paleolithic people no doubt missed many meals.

Many days, even weeks, of food.

If short-term hunger made people as weak, listless, fainting-prone and spaced-out as nearly everybody in the developed world — where easy, abundant and convenient food is taken for granted — believes they would feel if they missed a meal or two, humanity would never have survived until the invention of farming.

And farmers missed plenty of meals due to the long hours of work they put in and to famines.

The Ultimate Weight Loss Program is Simple

Eat. Stop. Eat.

Eat (a satisfying meal).

Stop (eating for a while).

Eat (another satisfying meal).

Going without food, even for short periods, is not what we’re used to . . .

. . . but you have the same ability to do so as your Paleolithic and agricultural ancestors.

Primitive people who easily died from hunger didn’t live to pass on their genes. Your DNA came from the survivors. That means . . .

Going without food for short periods raises your basal metabolic rate so you burn more calories. That gives you the energy to get out of the cave and hunt down a woolly mammoth.

You think more clearly. Because dizzy, spacey people don’t hunt effectively.

The Ultimate Weight Loss Program is Best Known as Intermittent Fasting

NOT fasting for an extended time. The program’s author Brad Pilon recommends you skip meals for only twenty-four hours at a time. No longer.

That’s from one meal to the next. For example, you eat breakfast today, and nothing else until your regularly scheduled breakfast tomorrow morning.

You never go a full calendar day without eating a meal.

Some IF experts advise people to go without eating for 14-16 hours every day.

Brad says 24 hours is optimum, but you do it just one or two days a week.

Two days is best while you want to lose weight. Once you reach your ideal weight, fast for just one 24-hour period per week.

Just click on the image

Inside You’ll Discover:

* Weight loss has to be complicated, right? Count calories. Calculate percentages of carbs, proteins and fat. Wrong! With this program you don’t count anything except pounds lost. See page 8.

* The truth about the obesity epidemic. In the early 1980s the food industry began promoting the concept of eating throughout the day to give their stockholders a higher return on investment. 2/3s of Americans are overweight — to make food companies higher profits. See page 19.

* On page 21, discover how long it takes your body to go into a fully fasted state, where all the energy your cells are burning comes from stored fat, not the food you ate at your last meal. That’s the key to true weight loss.

* Better than conventional dieting. How intermittent fasting helps you lose more weight, including both fat tissue and water. Go to page 101.

* Fasting puts your metabolism into “starvation mode,” doesn’t it? Wrong! Scientific studies verify short-term fasting INCREASES your metabolic rate. Learn the truth on page 32.

* Is the “Mediterranean Diet” really so healthy because of what people in that area of the world consume? Or because religions in that region require people to fast periodically? See page 79.

* Why short-term fasting does not affect muscle function. If you’re an athlete, intermittent fasting won’t affect your workouts. See page 39.

* The shocking truth about breakfast. Children who eat it academically outperform those who don’t. But you’re grown-up now, aren’t you? On page 44 Brad demolishes the “most important meal of the day” myth.

* Why intermittent fasting does NOT lead to binges of overeating. When you burn your stored fat, you feel happy and satisfied. Discover why on page 58.

* The reason intermittent fasting is the single best way to reduce the amount of insulin in your blood. This not only allows your body to burn stored body fat for fuel, it reduces your risk of many chronic diseases. Get the details on page 84.

My Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Story

I thought fasting was a crazy idea until just over two years ago. One December I began researching fasting, especially intermittent fasting, online. What I read intrigued me so much, I felt compelled to buy Brad’s book.

As a child I was a swimmer, so I thought of myself as athletic and in fairly good shape.

But, let’s face it, two years ago the only place I was swimming was in that big river in Egypt: De-Nial.

I wasn’t obese, but I was certainly overweight. I was running regularly, and I kept thinking about how I needed to lose weight, but I just couldn’t get around to it. I ate three meals a day plus snacks.

Two days before Christmas — not the most convenient time, but I didn’t want to wait — I went without eating from breakfast to breakfast.

I felt some hunger, but I didn’t keel over. I ate a lot on Christmas Day, then began the ESE 24-hour program of fasting two 24-hour periods a week. I timed my fasts so I ended them with my high intensity interval training workouts.

This is NOT a Dramatic Testimonial

No, I didn’t lose 50 pounds my first month. Or the next.

I kept on not eating two days a week. When I traveled, I stopped. Sometimes personal issues made it impossible. Sometimes I experimented with not eating for 36 hours, two days, three days . . . even, once, four days. (Which, by the way, Brad advises you not to do.)

I can’t even say I had “steady” progress. I hit a lot of plateaus. I went backward. But I never went all the way back.

Yes, when I skip meals, I feel hungry. But after a few times, you get used to it. I just stay busy. I can go without food temporarily because it IS temporary. Tomorrow I’ll be eating as usual. I’ll feel full again.

And, though it seems strange, the hunger is strongest when I would normally eat my next meal, not a long time later.

Once I get through the first few hours, the hunger recedes like the tide.

Usually, I just go back to work and forget about it.

The longer you go without food (up to the 24 hours), the less hungry you feel and so the easier it is. And, remember, you spend a big chunk of that time sleeping.

I’ve tried low-calorie diets too, and I feel less hunger from eating nothing than from eating a small but unsatisfying meal.

That sounds weird, but it’s true. Give your body just a little food, and it’s unsatisfied.

Give it no food, and it adjusts to that.

The more you practice intermittent fasting, the more easily your body switches from burning immediately available sugar to stored fat, and that reduces your feelings of hunger.

I do NOT go through the days with aching, gnawing cravings!

Sometimes I feel a dull emptiness. Oftentimes, I don’t even feel that.

Two years later, I still weigh more than my ideal. My waist still holds more abdominal fat than it should.

But, you know what?

My waist is a LOT smaller than it was two years ago. When I wear pants from that time period, the front sags down below my belt buckle because they’re around three or four sizes too large.

I’ve just come through another holiday season, and my IF was irregular at best, so my waist is larger than I’d like. As I said, I’m not at my ideal size, but 90% of what I’ve lost . . . remains gone.

I’m not the biggest loser. I’m not even the steadiest or most consistent loser.

But I’m a permanent winner, because my weight loss is permanent.

And I’m confident I’m doing what actually works for me.

In the past two years how many “Biggest Loser” contestants have lost triple my pounds, but then regained them?

How many other people have gone on strict diets, only to yo-yo back to yet heavier weights?

Click the Image Now

Click the Image Now

With Intermittent Fasting, You Reduce Caloric Intake, but Only for Specific Times

* Avoid “fasting burnout.” See page 119.

* The special considerations of fasting for women. (Longer fasts can affect your menstrual cycle, but not the 24-hour IF Eat Stop Eat recommends.) See page 140.

* The truth why eating throughout the day (and, for most people, far into the night) prevents you from burning stored fat. It’s revealed on page 25.

* The truth about all the low-this, high-that diets. Scaremongering. Don’t let them stress you out. See page 133.

* Why people without hypoglycemia do not need to fear low blood sugar during intermittent fasting. (If you’re not sure, consult your doctor.) See page 59.

* Fasting makes your body lose muscle? Wrong! That doesn’t even make evolutionary sense. Short-term fasting actually helps you grow new muscle. Discover the facts on page 48.

* How we (and society’s expectations and the food industry’s massive marketing campaigns) influence our feelings of “hunger.” See page 56.

* The truth behind the obesity epidemic. (HINT: in the United States, the food industry produces 4,000 calories per person — double what we need, but they want somebody to buy those calories.) See page 113.

* While you’re not eating, drink plenty of (see page 138).

* How much to consume when you stop fasting. (HINT: Don’t “reward” yourself or overeat to compensate.) See page 126.

* For men concerned about their manhoods. On page 69 discover the truth about testosterone. Intermittent fasting doesn’t reduce it, but long-term, low-calorie diets do.

Backed by Science

Brad is no fly-by-night, self-declared nutritionist. He’s studied health and fitness since he was ten. At the age of sixteen he had his own subscription to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Talk about a precocious fitness geek!

He worked his way up from the bottom of the nutrition industry. While still in high school he worked as a clerk in a supplement store. He studied nutrition in college, then went to work for the sports supplement industry as a research analyst.

He not only studied all the top diet books, but absorbed the scientific papers. He went to graduate school to study Human Biology and Nutrition Science.

All while he personally trained and competed as a bodybuilder.

And he’s practiced his own program since 2007. That’s long before anybody else was advocating intermittent fasting. He’s one of the true, modern pioneers.

As a competitive bodybuilder he had miniscule fat to lose compared to me, and not eating one or two days a week has kept him slim and professionally active.

And he has not lost muscle tissue. He has the photographs to prove he’s still just as ripped as he was in 2007.

He documents his program up with 22 pages of scientific studies and references.

Medical Research Continues to Uncover Both Weight Loss and Health Benefits from Intermittent Fasting

* Not overweight? Great. Why this can help you slow down the aging process. See page 9.

* How intermittent fasting reduces the biomarkers of chronic inflammation, the biggest indicator of the chronic diseases of aging, from heart disease to diabetes to cancer. See page 105.

* Intermittent fasting allows your body to repair itself by recycling damaged and old cells and mitochondria. Vital for your long-term health! This “autophagy” fights cancer, neuronal diseases and general aging. Get the facts on page 107.

* Rich business people and celebrities pay thousands of dollars for injections of this trendy anti-aging hormone. But intermittent fasting increases your body’s release of it, for free. Discover how on page 94.

* How intermittent fasting reduces insulin resistance, a leading indicator of type 2 diabetes. See page 86.

* If 24-hours without food is good, isn’t more better? No, and why not. Brad explains on page 121.

* How short-term fasting while you age improves your memory. Eliminate those “senior” moments and learn new things while you lose weight. See page 45.

* Yet another myth busted: intermittent fasting does NOT increase cortisol. The truth’s on page 73.

* If you combine intermittent fasting with resistance training, you’ll lose weight even faster. See page 148.

What You’re Getting

intermittent fasting

Eat Stop Eat by Brad Pilon is a pioneering work on intermittent fasting

It comes as a PDF file you can download in a few seconds. You can read it on any computer using the free Adobe Reader program.

It’s simple and easy. You can do it at any time day or night.

You have nothing to lose except your excess pounds.

Click on the above link

Gets Rid of Fear and Guilt

Do you let the food faddists nag you emotionally and psychologically?

I mean, when you take in fast food because you’re hungry and don’t have time for anything else, do you feel stressed out because you’ve eaten a few high-fat burgers?

Maybe you “give in” to “temptation,” then worry you’re going to die tomorrow of a heart attack or cancer because you devoured a few doughnuts. And enjoyed them.

Do you buy cookies at the supermarket, then gobble them down secretly without telling any of your friends you’ve blown your latest diet? Feeling more ashamed than if you injected heroin?

Regular intermittent fasting for two days a week is a great way to prevent those feelings.

That’s because you know you just spent 24 hours letting your body naturally repair itself. And you will again, tomorrow or the next day.

That’s a comfortable, reassuring sensation. Knowing that whatever small amount of weight your meals might add to your stores of fat, not eating for just 24 hours will burn it off.

Hamburgers and cookies aren’t the ideal food either for health or weight loss, but, hey, we’re all human. When you eat too much, you know it.

That doesn’t mean you’ve *stopped* dieting. It just means you begin another 24-hour period of IF.

Therefore, it’s time you get started.

Click on the link above.

With This Quick Start Guide, You Begin Losing Weight Right Away

Eat Stop Eat is not long or dense, but it contains a lot of science.

intermittent fasting free bonus

Eat Stop Eat Quick Start Guide

You can begin losing weight right away with this bonus gift, Brad’s Quick Start Guide.

It’s yours just for trying out the program.

It’s everything you need to know to get started right away.

So you get all the weight loss benefits even if you don’t read the main book.

And it’s yours to keep no matter what.

Take Advantage of Brad Pilon’s 20+ Years of Professional Nutrition Experience for Just $49.95

According to the research firm MarketData Enterprises, the U.S. weight loss industry is $64 billion. 108 million Americans try four to five diets per year (and obviously most of them fail at all of those diet attempts).

That means the average person trying to lose weight spends $592 annually on special foods and equipment. The programs such as Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, Medifast and others are especially expensive.

Eat Stop Eat is a one-time cost.

As for the program itself, it saves you money, because you don’t pay for the food you don’t eat.

When you skip meals for 2-3 twenty-four periods, you’ll have paid for the price.

Isn’t that a refreshing change?

So, by learning an eating plan on which you actually lose weight in a healthy, sustainable-for-life way for just $49.95, you don’t have to spend that $592.

And every meal and snack you skip will save you more money through the future.

Eat Stop Eat is Fully Guaranteed by Brad Pilon, Clickbank, Common Sense and the Usual Experiences of Everybody Who’s Ever Tried and Failed to Lose Weight with a Standard Diet


Eat Stop Eat comes with an unconditional 60-day money-back guarantee

Eat Stop Eat comes with a 60-day, 100% unconditional money-back guarantee.

Within two months, you will see a decline in your weight and a reduction in your waistline. You will feel more energy and more mental alertness. During those twenty-four hours when you skip meals, you might miss food, but you’ll know you’ll soon be eating satisfying meals again. And by avoiding meals for 24 hours you’ll feel a lot less stress and fewer cravings than you did when you ate those skimpy, unsatisfying low-fat diet meals.

The You’re-Built-to-Thrive-on-Occasional-Skipped-Meals Guarantee

You’ll get more work done. You’ll spend less time planning meals, cooking, shopping and cleaning up. When you don’t eat, you don’t have to wash dishes. That means more time to watch a movie, play with your kids or log in to Facebook. And you’ll save money.

Brad sells through the ebook company Clickbank. They’ve been in business for many years and have handled many millions of dollars in ebook orders. They want happy, satisfied customers. And they have many thousands of them.

If you’re not satisfied for any reason, you have 60 days to get a refund. All you have to do is go to this page and follow Clickbank’s clear, step-by-step instructions:


There’s no hassle. They refund your money within just one business day.

I mean, if you don’t eat, you’ll lose weight, right? Everybody knows that.

Go without eating for 24 hours, and you’ll lose some weight.

Keep on doing it, and you’ll lose more weight.

That’s why I said intermittent fasting is guaranteed by 2 million years of history.

When people don’t eat, they lose weight. Duh!

Who made weight loss hard, anyway?

The problem has been, for most people for most of history, it’s involuntary.

However, you control how you do the program. You decide on the two days (or one). Breakfast to breakfast? Lunch to lunch? Dinner to dinner?

That’s up to you. Change it whenever you like.

Need to have dinner with a client tonight after work? Do it. Then, just don’t eat until dinner-time tomorrow.

Enjoy eating a leisurely Sunday morning breakfast with your family? Great, just don’t eat again until Monday morning.

You’re in control. Just, once or twice a week, give your insulin time to drop so your body can burn stored fat instead of a just-eaten meal.

Do that for 60 days. If you’re not satisfied, ask for your money back.

No questions asked. No ifs, ands or buts.

Because, c’mon now. When you reduce your intake of calories by 20% for the next two months, you KNOW you’re going to see results.

Get started right now. Join the 54,000 people intermittent fasting the Eat Stop Eat way is already working for. Download it today.

Click on the link above.

Yours for a thinner new you,

Rick Stooker

P.S. Let’s see . . . a guide to safely practicing the most proven weight loss “technique” in the history of the world.

For only $49.95 (which will pay for itself after a few days of not buying food).

Guaranteed for 60 days.

Or: you can keep trying out the latest fads. The newest drug or supplement.

You can go back to snacking on carrot sticks (yum yum) and dry rice cakes (double yum yum). Yeah, that’ll work just great, won’t it?

Or buying expensive special diet foods.

Just like the last five times you tried to lose weight by reducing the size of your meals.

Be sure to put your food portions on small plates, so they look bigger. That trick certainly satisfies your stomach. (Not!)

How long can you go until the constant, chronic hunger again forces you to order a pizza?

Click on the link above.

P.P.S. Eat Stop Eat is NOT for you if you are:

* Still growing (adults only)

* Pregnant

* Breastfeeding

* Diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes

* Severely undernourished

* Frail and elderly

* Diagnosed with low blood sugar (hypoglycemia)

* Suffering from an eating disorder

* Diagnosed with muscle wasting disease

* Diagnosed with chronic adrenal or cortical insufficiency

If you’ve got Type 2 diabetes or any other concerns about how intermittent fasting applies to you, consult with your doctor.

Click here to visit the sample sales page for the same ebook, but written for the anti-aging, health market.

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Sample Sales Page for Eat Stop Eat
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Sample Sales Page for Eat Stop Eat
Sales page for the pioneering ebook on intermittent fasting by Brad Pilon, written by myself as an affiliate. Short-term fasting is the ideal way to lose weight and slow down the aging process in a natural, healthy and permanent way.
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