Project Procedures and Business System

project procedures and systems

Here are the steps of my business system.

You’re a product or service provider in the health, alternative health, supplement, anti-aging, nutrition or fitness industry.

You need help with content and sales to increase your sales, revenue and net profit.

All right, so where do we go from here?

I. Project Pricing

I’m restless.

When I’m thinking and writing, I jump in and out of my chair a lot. Pace the hall. If I get too comfortable, I remember there are now thousands of studies showing that sitting for long periods of time is unhealthy, so I jump up just to avoid a heart attack.

When I pace, I usually think about what I’m writing. Is that working, or not?

If I’m charging you by the hour, how do I account for that when I’m not in front of the keyboard?

I don’t know, and I don’t want you to worry about it.

To tell the truth, I do much of my best creative work while I’m sleeping. That’s when our brains re-arrange and re-sort data. Yet I doubt you’d be happy if I told you I’d have to charge you for 24 hours a day even though it wouldn’t be far from the truth.

Therefore, after we discuss how I can help you and define the project, I’ll give you a total quote. And I’ll set my own hours.

II. Getting to Know Each Other

We talk on Skype, and I ask you: How can I help you?

What kind of project do you need?

Who’s your target market? Do you have a buyer persona? How much do you know about them?

What’s your product? What problems does it solve?

What’s your biggest challenge? How much is it costing you?

What goals do you have for your business? What will your life look like when you meet your business goals? Will you have the lifestyle freedom to go where you want when you please? Do you have a partner and/or children? What do you want to do for them? Are you living in your dream house in your dream location? What and where is that?

What is it costing you to not yet be meeting your business goals?

When we pin down your specific needs, I give you a PRELIMINARY estimate range, and I ask if that’s within your budget.

If it’s not, but close, we can also redefine the terms of the project. If it’s too far off, maybe later will be a better time for you.

III. The Fee Agreement

After we talk, I send you the fee agreement specifying:

a. Project scope

b. Deadline(s)

c. What the work involves

d. Deliverables

e. Objectives

f. Your investment

IV. Your Investment

For most projects it’s:

50% upfront payable to PayPal to or a wire deposit sent directly into my checking account at Bank of America.

Work doesn’t start until then.

The second 50% is payable 3 days after delivery of the final draft.

V. The Writing Process

a. You send me all available information regarding:

* Your product or service

* Your market(s)

* Your other promotions

* Regulatory compliance issues in your field I need to know about

b. I research

c. When I have a basic approach, I run it by you.

d. I draft the required documents. Along the way I may need to ask you questions.

e. Revisions. I don’t expect to nail every detail the first time, but I shouldn’t need any more than two revisions unless you change the project . . .

VI. Project Scope and Direction Changes

Occasionally people are excited about marketing ideas until they run it by their accountant or minister or best friend, who doesn’t like it, and they want to change.

If I’ve already put work into it, we need to re-discuss the fee agreement.

I advise you not to talk about business except with your business partner or Mastermind members. Stay away from people who don’t understand direct or content marketing.

VII. I Send You the Final Draft

If it has things to fix, let me know within 3 days, and I’ll fix them.

VIII. The Next Project

We get on Skype and talk about what else you need.

Interested in increasing your sales?

Ready to create an inbound content strategy?

Need blog posts, sales letters, emails or other sales tools?

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Richard Stooker is an author and copywriter specialising in alternative health, nutrition, fitness, supplements, meditation and longevity. To him they're all aspects of the same thing - staying healthy and alive.