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progear 555lxt recumbent exercise bikeIf you’re a dedicated and sophisticated indoor recumbent bicycle rider, the Progear 555LXT recumbent bike won’t satisfy you.

That is, if you need computerized preset workouts, a heart monitor, Wi-Fi connectivity between a website and your smart phone fitness app, you must pay more than this costs.

Or if you want a recumbent exercise bicycle that’s decked out with all the comforts and entertainment options, this model will disappoint you. You can watch TV and hold devices or books or game controls, but it has only one phone or tablet holder built in to it.

If you need preset workouts or to program your own, to be hooked up to Blue Tooth or to track every phase of every workout, you need to look at more expensive models.

If you want a recumbent exercise bike that’s sturdy, quiet, comfortable and not expensive, this review is for you. The PROGEAR 555LXT is compact but comfortable.

Is This Recumbent Bicycle for Large or Small People?

You can push the seat farther back and farther forward by using a slider to adjust it. There are no pre-set holes drilled, so you can set it to the exact position that fits you.

The manufacturer says the bicycle is built for people from 5’0″ to 6’3″ tall. However, some customers say they or their children are able to use it even though they’re below five feet in height. It might depend on how long your legs are in relation to your total height. And if you’re taller than 6 foot three inches, you may not be able to extend your legs as much as you’d prefer.

The manufacturer also says it is built for people no heavier than 250 pounds or 113 kilograms.

However, based on my review and research, customers report it’s well-built and sturdy, so there’s undoubtedly a margin allowing heavier people to use it. But that might increase wear on the machine in the long run.

The seat is large enough to hold most users unless they are extremely large (over 250 pounds).

Is This Bike Comfortable?

As mentioned, the seat is large enough to accommodate people who weigh up to the manufacturer’s limit of 250 pounds. It’s a lot larger than an ordinary bicycle seat. 16″ inches wide tapering to 11″ where your thighs begin.

Some users mention the seat is hard although it is cushioned. You can place a cushion or pillow on it.

The back rest leans back at an angle, which is typical of recumbent exercise bicycles. It does provide support to your lower back.

Some report that the handles at the level of the seat are too far down to easily hold on to unless your arms are long.

Most users report it’s solid and comfortable. There is an Adjustment Leveler you can screw down to make sure the bike sets level and secure on the floor. And it has more adjustable floor stabilizers.

The handle bars are set low, close to seat-level. And they soft grip handle bars so you easily hold on to them while pedaling.

Can I Use The Progear 555LXT is an Apartment?

This recumbent exercise bicycle is smaller than most, so if it doesn’t fit in your residence, probably no recumbent bike will.

Plus, it is quiet so it will not disturb other people.

The front stabilizers contains embedded travel wheels. You can move it around by lifting the seat and rolling it to a new position using the front travel wheels.

Is It Good for The Disabled and Elderly?

Yes, this is a basic exercise bike that gives great value to people who just want to pedal without paying for a lot of expensive gizmos and sophisticated gadgets.

The two sections are held together by a stainless steel bar that’s close to the floor. This creates a step-through design so people can get on and off with minimal risk so long as they can raise one food higher than the bar.

You can track your speed, time and the number of miles.

The one limitation is that the manufacturer says it’s not for anybody over 250 pounds. So it is for shorter, smaller people than some models.

How Does the PROGEAR 555LXT Pedaling Mechanism Work?

This bike has 14 levels of resistance. You turn a knob on the front stand to set it to the amount of resistance you want.

It employs magnetic tension. The force comes from magnets acting on the metal flywheel. This is the same technology used by Japanese bullet trains to keep them raised a millimeter off the track.

Unlike technologically older systems where the wheels are slowed by some kind of brake or friction, there’s no physical contact between the magnets and the wheel.

That’s why this bicycle is so quiet. Electromagnetic forces make no noise. There’s only the wheel turning as you pedal.

If you wish to pedal backward to work your muscles in a different way, you can. The magnets slow the wheel no matter which way it is turning.

The foot pedals are large and have pedal straps (adjustable in size) to fit over your feet to keep them on the petals.

It uses a “Quiet Drive” belt system to turn the flywheel as your feet turn the pedals. You’re just spinning the flywheel inside as you pedal. The resistance comes from the magnets pulling at the flywheel.

The Console Display Screen

The Progear LXT555 Magnetic Tension recumbent bike comes with a single, wide LCD console display screen. Most customers say it’s easy to read while cycling unless you cover it up by placing a tablet or book in the holder.

The console turns on automatically when you start cycling or press any button.

On it you can see:

* The time you’ve been pedaling, from 0 to 99.59 minutes.

* The speed you’re pedaling at, from 0 to 99.9 miles per hour.

* The distance you’ve pedaled, from 0 to 9999 miles.

* An odometer to record the total distance you’ve pedaled on the bike, from 0 to 9999 miles.

* The number of calories you’ve burned, from 0 to 9999 calories.

The console display has an ON/OFF, START/STOP button.

The MODE button on the display lets you switch from Distance, Time, Odometer, RPM, Calories and Speed.

There’s a SET button that allows you to increase the values to DISTANCE, CALORIES and TIME to set a workout goal.

You can set one, two or three goals.

When you reach one of those goals, the console beeps. If you have more goals, they’ll continue counting down.

Press RESET and hold it for 2 seconds to set current workout values back to zero.

The console displays one value at a time. You can switch back and forth to see all of them.

The console turns off if you stop pedalling for four minutes.

Progear 555LXT Magnetic Tension Recumbent Bike Dimensions

49 inches long x 22 inches wide x 43 inches high.

It weighs 60 pounds, and 71 pounds is the shipping weight.

It comes in just one color: silver.

Other Household Concerns

The Progear 555LXT is made from solid steel. It should set solidly and flat on the floor.

However, placing it on a thin carpet or mat would help protect your floor.


The 555LXT is a basic model. However, the console does have a thin, built-in holder for tablets or smart phones. You could also use it to read a paper magazine, but not a thick book.

The front has a deep space to hold a large glass or water bottle.

Other Important Information

Assembly is required. All the necessary tools and equipment are included. Some customers have no trouble assembling it, but others do.

It comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturer.

Here is a link to the manufacturer’s Owner’s Manual:

Owners’s Manual


It’s quiet.

It’s relatively inexpensive.

It’s compact, occupying little space.


You cannot change the seat position while you’re sitting in it. You have to get up to make adjustments. If two people of different heights and leg lengths will use the same bike, it must be adjusted every time.

The manufacturer says the maximum weight it’s designed to hold is 250 pounds(113 kilograms). However, customers do say it’s built sturdily. Therefore, if you weigh over 250 pounds you could take a chance. Or buy a model that says it will hold someone who weighs more (most bikes have a 300 pound weight limit, but people weighing up to 400 pounds or so report they don’t have a problem.)

It lacks advanced features such as preset workouts, heart rate monitoring and online connections to track your mileage or other goals.

Consumer Ratings

Generally high.

People mention using it themselves satisfactorily. Or getting it for an elderly relative.

One customer complained because the console was defective, but the manufacturer replaced it with one that worked fine.


This model runs under $200.


My research while writing this review shows this indoor exercise bicycle is an excellent for someone who just wants to sit in front of their TV or while reading or reading email and pedal without spending hundreds of dollars on extras.

If all you want need is a holder for a bottle of water and pedals to turn quietly with your feet so you burn calories and improve your heart and lung fitness, this is a great bike.

You can pedal slowly while watching a good movie. Or work hard to raise your heart rate against difficult resistance.

If you want to lose weight, the console will track the ongoing number of calories you’ve been, which should encourage you to keep going.

The PROGEAR 555LXT Magentic Tension bike is compact but comfortable. It’s especially good if your space is limited.

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