What Others Say About Me


“Richard was great – he seemed to be the only submission with a clear vision and understanding of marketing combination and ability to generate creative copy. Thank you.”

– NDA client on Crowdspring


“This is a TON of information that can literally save lives. The solutions you give are simple and easy to implement.

“Whatever price you pay for this book is going to be well worth it. After all…what price can you put on your life and the lives of your family?”

— Enigma Valdez


“The 7-Perimeter Immune Defense System is a comprehensive immunity-boosting plan. When followed correctly, it will literally build an internal fortress of protection against the bird flu. This system will save lives!

“I have seen books selling at twice the price that don’t even have half the information.”

— Clint Fountain


“I have studied alternative health for many years… and still I found many nuggets of smart advice I hadn’t thought of, forgotten, or flat out didn’t know before I went through your flu book. Well done!”

— Jim Van Wyck


“Brings the facts to us in a clear, well-written style.

“You provide in-depth biological explanations using easily understood everyday words. Your ability to communicate complex concepts in ordinary language is phenomenal.

“I am very, very impressed.”

— Dot Pecson


Best Flu Shot This Season!

“The book really helps cut through all of the hype out there and gives the reader a great reference.

“‘Beat the Flu’ arms you with the best collection of details I have come across.”

— S. Mancuso


Must Read Book Before the Next Flu Season

“This book provides a detailed guide on how to effectively build up your immune system to help prevent the flu.”

— Drew Laughlin


“It’s not only a very interesting topic, but also a very well written book based on a real detailed research work!”

— Mariana Barrancoson


“Fabulous Kindle book. The author gives some great tips for handling and managing emotional eating. This is an area of weight management that is overlooked by the vast majority of diet/lifestyle books on the market. Well-written and easy to read.”

— neolithicmoon


personal thoughts

“This book was AWESOME. I could not put it down. Really gripping and at times made me cry. Please do not stop writing. Anything you write I most definately read.”


Not your average horror

“This book grabs you from the start. The knowledge of the author is vast, especially in terms of medical terminology . . . It is a good satisfying read that doesn’t pull its punches. Find out for yourself, I dare you!”


Quite an Intense and Exciting Read
James Fendonon

“This is not my normal read but it definitely was impact. I found myself feeling sad for Janie, the main character, and then being able to relate to her (not sure what says about me). I read this story late at night, right before I was about to go to sleep and always read 20 to 30 more minutes than I had planned. Great, exciting read.”


First 2 Chapters = EPIC
Eric Lasson

“I’ve only ready through the first two chapters and I am loving it! I can’t put this book down.”


The Action Starts From Page 1 And The Suspense Keeps Going
Jeff Bon

“This story starts right off with action as Janie enters the emergency room, the suspense keeps you reading as the story takes new twist and turns many you may not expect.”


Real page turner; Kept me up half the night!
A. B. Peaon

“This book is a page-turner from the very beginning. Once I started reading I simply couldn’t stop. Kept me up half the night trying to finish.

“When is the next one coming out!? This is an author I’ll be reading for a long time!”


A unique Horror Thriller!!
Praveen Kumaron

“This is a fascinating horror thriller that you will enjoy reading. The story gripped me from the beginning and I was compelled to finish it in one night reading.”


Wow! Wish I Could Give This 6 Stars.

“In just the first few paragraphs I was immediately drawn into the story and began caring about Janie.

“I simply couldn’t stop reading it.”


A Unique Native American Ghost Thriller
D. C. Wiggson

“The author’s painstaking attention to medical terminology in the early parts of this book really help to convey the confusion the protagonist is experiencing in her situation. The well-researched scenarios and characters continue throughout the riveting story, which I had to finish in one sitting.

“Not for the faint of heart, this supernatural adult thriller had me gripped from start to finish.”


Sometimes the underdog wins

“There are characters you read about who stay with you for a long time. Characters who find strength to do amazing deeds through sheer guts and willpower.”

“This book is surprising and, oddly for a horror story, inspiring.

“I loved it.”


“This was a great book! It made sense and was a quick read.”


“Rick Stooker is on the right track.”

— Charles Lewis Sizemore CFA, Senior Analyst HS Dent Investment Management, LLC


Home Run

This is an excellent book. I am a huge fan of income producing products . . . As Rod Stewart said: “the wisdom of a lifetime no one can ever tell” but Mr. Stooker comes very close. Enjoy and profit! Jorge Munoz-Bustamante, LCSW


Relief in a confusing investment world
Aisling D.

“Whew! Someone has finally explained what’s most reliable and what’s not in today’s apparently-volatile investment world. Even better, this book explains it all using broad, easy-to-understand concepts and everyday language.”

“This book restored my understanding — and confidence — in investments. Before I recognized the differences between trading and investing… well, I lumped the entire realm of stocks, bonds, etc., into one large, liability-fraught category.”


This is a must read (and I don’t say that lightly)

“I like reading business and investment books, but this one blows them all out of the water!

“It’s not that other books aren’t good. Some even very good. But this one is so in-depth, it weighs all the pros and cons of each investment vehicle, it quotes a lot of research and proves what works and what doesn’t. And it does it all in a way that anyone can understand.”


Better Than Another Book On Dividends I got on Here
A. Johnson

“I got this one on Kindle and have only gotten up to the 12th page, but already like how this guy gets straight to the point. He makes a lot of sense and no bullsh. Not like the other book I got on here . . . ”

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