Life Experiences that Help Me Write Health Content for Healers

disabiity applicants and I have life experiences taking their applications

I took tens of thousands of applications for disability benefits.

My life experiences that help me produce high-quality health-related content:

1. Taking Tens of Thousands of Disability Applications and Continuing Disability Reviews Taught Me a Lot About Illness and Injury from the Point of View of the Patient

I worked over 30 years as a claims representative for the Social Security Administration.

I did many things, but I spent the majority of my time talking to people filing for disability benefits and another large chunk of it performing reviews of people already receiving disability benefits.

I asked people what was wrong with them and how it affected them.

I asked people about their limitations. That included physical, mental, emotional and social limitations.

I asked people about their pain. Not just how bad it was or where it was, but what kind of pain it was and when it felt the worse. And what made it feel better.

I asked people where they got treatment. What kinds of medicine did they take. What kinds of tests did they undergo.

I asked them about the job histories and how their medical problems affected them on the job.

I spent far more time listening to them than doctors did.

2. I Have a Lot of Life Experiences Explaining Complicated Subject Matter to Largely Uneducated People

When I wasn’t listening to the applicants, I had to explain to them complicated and technical laws, regulations and procedures. Few of them had any education beyond high school (and many didn’t have that), so I had to explain Social Security concepts to them in language they understood.

3. I’ve Been a “Health Nut” Most of My Life.

As a child, I took good health for granted except when I came down with something. Thankfully, I enjoyed playing outside, and when I was 3 my family joined a private swim club.

When I was 7, that club formed a swim team, and so I worked out for the next eleven summers, and most winters for the local YMCA. In junior high I ran for the cross country and track teams.

I’ve run for the exercise much of my adult life. A few years ago I switched to High Intensity Interval Training, sprinting 3 mornings a week. I don’t compete because I don’t care about winning races. I exercise to stay alive and well.

Yoga Before the Beatles Visited India

When I was 12, I discovered books on yoga in my local library and the paperbacks YOGA, YOUTH AND REINCARNATION by Jesse Stearn and YOGA FOR HEALTH by Selvarajan Yesudian and Elizabeth Haich. I practiced Hatha yoga in my bedroom, and began meditating as well.

That doesn’t sound like much, but before The Beatles went to India to study Transendental Meditation, 90% of Americans had barely heard of yoga, except as a way to twist yourself into a pretzel. And meditation? Too weird. I’ve since taken the original Silva Mind Control seminar and studied other forms of meditation.

Before Supermarkets Carried PREVENTION Magazine

In my early 20s, I discovered the local nutrition store, and began learning about vitamins, minerals and other nutritional supplements. I read Adelle Davis, who was the big guru of that time, and PREVENTION magazine. In those days, you couldn’t find it in supermarkets. It was too unconventional. Only health food stores carried it. And I don’t mean GNC. This was before a large enough market for nutrition existed to support a franchise for it in shopping malls.

Since then, I’ve spent many hours reading books, magazines and newsletters. I’m now more excited than ever about the promise of therapies and protocols based on stem cells, telomeres, mitochondria and, eventually, genetic engineering and nanotechnology.

4. I’m in the Baby Boomer Target Market for Anti-Aging Products

I don’t claim to be a perfect example of nutrition and fitness. Like all your customers, I stumble and fall off the wagon. I have a sweet tooth and I enjoy Taco Bell. I’ve experimented with vegetarianism, the Zone, Atkins and paleo.

I’m overweight, but not as much as I used to be. I now practice intermittent fasting, and it’s working well to take inches off my waist. I take supplements.

5. I’ve Worked as a Telemarketer, Door-to-Door Cable TV Salesperson and Network Marketer

Like most people, I hated sales and marketing until I joined that world.

Over the telephone I’ve sold magazine subscriptions, children’s books, newspapers and set appointments for timeshare salespeople.

Except when it was raining, I enjoyed selling cable TV door to door. When they answered my knock, I had to figure out which channels they would probably enjoy most. Young people heard about MTV. Hispanics about the Spanish Channel. Men about ESPN. Women about Lifetime. And everybody enjoys movies.

As a network marketer, I joined a new company with outstanding nutritional products started by a man legendary in the business for how he built Herbalife, twice. I sold products and recruited a downline, but, like most, failed to make a profit.

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Richard Stooker is an author and copywriter specialising in alternative health, nutrition, fitness, supplements, meditation and longevity. To him they're all aspects of the same thing - staying healthy and alive.