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This Baby Boomer Copywriter Spent 30 Years Listening to Your Aged and Disabled Prospective Customers So You Can Profit From the Greatest Alternative Health Marketing Opportunity in History

Dear Alternative Health/Supplement/Fitness/Anti-Aging Product or Information Marketer,

I love you. Wellness information, product and service businesses are changing the world. Your profits drive research into how our bodies work, how we can get and remain healthy and, ultimately, will cure aging.

See, I don’t research alternative health because it’s my chosen niche – I’m saving my own life.

And I want to help prevent more of the tremendous human misery I witnessed while working over 30 years for Social Security, taking disability applications.

I took somewhere north of 10,000 applications, appeals and continuing disability reviews.

I asked extensive questions about their medical conditions, what was wrong with them and how it affected them. I recorded their medical histories: clinics, doctors, hospitals, tests and medications. I covered their job histories and whether or not and how their conditions affected them on the job. Some forms required me to ask how their conditions changed their daily lives, their housework, their recreation and their family and social lives.

Doctors know a lot more than I do about physiology and medicine.

But no doctor has ever asked their patients as much as I have.

See, For Me, Our Niche in Health is Personal

When I was a kid, swim and track team workouts gave me a strong foundation of fitness. As a young adult I became interested in nutritious food and supplements. I began shopping at health food stores when they were the only place you could buy PREVENTION MAGAZINE because it was too radical for supermarkets and Adele Davis was the Queen of Vitamins. I have kept up my education for forty-five years.

However, recently I spent my first night in a hospital in sixty years, since I was a two-year-old having my tonsils removed. The severe pain and trauma of that kidney stone taught me I was nearing the age of Medicare eligibility, and could no longer afford to take good health for granted.

I need great medical care more than ever, and so does everybody else my age. I’m one of those baby boomers who doesn’t want to grow old, let alone die.

But I can’t rely on most doctors and the conventional medical system.

A Few Years Ago, My Mother Died of Cancer

I don’t know if any alternative or supplemental treatments would have saved her. She was one of the “Greatest Generation,” and therefore she did not question authority. She was not open to anything unless it came from a doctor, but none of her doctors suggested she try anything besides the chemotherapy.

Now I love getting “revenge” on the members of the conventional medical treatment industry who cling to the old ways.

That’s when I realized mainstream medicine was just a tool. It’s useful sometimes — when the pain from my kidney stone knocked me nearly unconscious I did go to an Emergency Room and I’m grateful for how they helped me — but nobody should fully trust or depend on it.

That’s why I enjoy discovering how much both alternative medicine and the cutting edges of anti-aging research are now learning about how our bodies can remain healthy or reserve chronic conditions.

I Share Your Dream

I want healers to apply the best of ancient and modern wisdom to help people regain lost health, free themselves of pain and and live healthier, longer lives.

To accomplish that you need a profitable business selling your health-related products and services.

You Can Profit While Conventional Medicine Collapses

Close to 80 million baby boomers in the United States alone (and millions more in Canada, Australia and Europe) need you.

The world’s conventional medical care systems are falling apart under the weight of treating millions of obese, aging, diabetic, heart, cancer and Alzheimer’s patients.

Big Pharma’s drugs are expensive and come with dangerous side effects.

Soon the baby boomers (and many younger but still unhealthy people), will be DEMANDING the information, supplements and services you provide.

10,000 people a day turn 65.

Within a few years, it’ll go up to 11,000.

If you:

* Know better ways to prevent and cure diseases

* Sell supplements to support better health

* Are an integrative or functional doctor providing healthcare that improves the conventional system, avoiding its excesses

* Provide other healthcare-related services, products or information

* Inform people how to improve their health through changing their lifestyles

The next 20 years are the greatest opportunity in history to shape the medicine of the future while helping millions enjoy longer, happier and more productive lives.

Nobody is Ready for the Challenges the “Health” Care Industry Faces

I had to put quotes around the word “health” because it’s obvious we do not have a healthcare industry. Modern medicine practices “sick care.”

The majority of physicians, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies see no problem with that because they’re making money.

But many trends are going to push us toward a much more rational system, no matter how much entrenched special interests fight to protect their economic interests over people’s health.

* Lifestyle medicine

* Integrative medicine

* Personalized medicine

* Functional medicine

* Artificial Intelligence

All will combine with huge advances in medical research, information technology and nanotech to create incredible improvements in human health and extensions of life span.

You Have the Responsibility to Spread Your Information, Products and Services

Tens of millions of Americans face chronic diseases. So do many millions more around the world. As people in developing countries grow wealthier and adopt our lifestyle, including diet, they too are developing chronic diseases. The rate of diabetes in the United States is steadily rising, but in China and India, it’s exploding.

Yet, doctors who dare to look up from their prescription pads know — and tons of research verifies this — people could live much longer, healthier lives by just altering their lifestyles.

They could reverse heart disease and, in many cases, the progression of cancer, without enduring the side effects of dangerous drugs and surgeries.

At much less cost.

And with much greater effectiveness.

I Want to Help Real Healers Change the World

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Richard Stooker is an author and copywriter specialising in alternative health, nutrition, fitness, supplements, meditation and longevity. To him they're all aspects of the same thing - staying healthy and alive.